Orbis Paralegals can provide your Will for you, quickly, efficiently and with limited cost.

- Instruct who should deal with your estate after you die. If you don't have a Will, a complete   stranger could end up deciding what should be done with your money and possessions.
- Appoint legal guardians for your children who could otherwise end up in care until a decision is   finalised.
- Decide who should get what and when. Most of us have specific people in mind who we would   like our belongings to go to but without the safeguard of a Will this may not be guaranteed.
- Let everyone know what you would like in terms of funeral arrangements.

- Protect those you love from having to deal with legal issues and decisions they would rather not   have to contemplate at this time.


Why you should use WillYouEver
To Create Your Will?

We have processed over 20,000 online wills making us one of the biggest providers of online wills in the United Kingdom.

Orbis Paralegals is the leading online will writing service for the United kingdom and allows you to create your own legally binding will for the fraction of the price of a Solicitor or will writer using our easy to use service

What Do
You Get?
  • Legally Binding Will
  • Free guidance at each stage
  • Guide To Wills & Probate
  • Letters To Your Executors
  • Assets Register Form
  • Free Telephone Advice